“Audacity: The Essentials”
A  Jam Packed Workshop Series to open your eyes to the conditioning that keeps you small, stuck, and resentful, so you can become more of who you really are, and LIKE IT.
Babe, do you believe me now? Let me recap for you some of the 537 reasons why AUDACITY IS THE ANSWER...

Right now, you're banking that resentment hard. You're almost full to the brim of it. You know that feeling as well as I do. That deferring to the preferences of people you love and care about, thinking you're doing them a favour. Wondering when you’ll get the credit. Silently seething. Less silently seething. Until eventually, raging.

Straight facts- putting yourself at the bottom of the list, over and over, it’s not just eroding your soul, it’s putting the people you claim to care about in an impossible situation. You’re building up a huge expectation for them to somehow validate your kindness. By going easy on you, by praising you, by cutting you some slack... and when they don’t, you’re gonna let them have it.

All the while, they’ve assumed you’re happy to help them out. They’re blissfully ignorant of the poison brewing in your belly- or wherever you feel that tension. Perhaps your jaw, chest, back. For me, it’s a heaviness in my legs- like my body is shouting, don’t go towards the thing you don’t really wanna do! And I’m dragging myself there anyway.

Our lack of audacity, our deference and timidity erode trust in our relationships, with each other, and with ourselves. You’re not doing anyone any favours with your “I don’t mind”, or “sure, whatever” when you don’t mean it.

Of course you barely know what you mean any more, because you’re so used to it not counting for anything, you’ve stopped paying attention to your dreams and desires.

I wonder- what would you dare to ask for if you knew the answer would be YES? Really think on that babes.

Because your boldness supports EVERYONE. Not just because you’re having integrity when you’re having courageous conversations, but because you’re giving others permission to expand into more of themselves.

Right now, you may be dragging others into a black hole with you. Perhaps your partner, peers or pals. You demonstrate- THIS is what a good parent/ business owner/ friend/ human looks like. This. Shrinking ourselves away from joy, peace, fulfilment. “Martyrdom is the way!!” unintentional motto of your existence, with daily races to the bottom because my life is harder and bleaker and I’d rather prove that to be true than allow things to improve... we’ve lost our minds gals.

This is before we even get to the impact we are having on the women who will come after us. The ones who will wonder- why is it STILL like this to be a woman. When we’ve had the vote, and the equal pay act for such a long time, why has it been left to us to claim true equality in the way we live our lives? What were our mothers, aunties and granddaughters doing putting up with this crap?!

They will lament our acceptance of the division of labour, lower wages, the neverending criticism of our appearances, the idea that our worth is directly related to our financial productivity...

We cannot be passing this on. Women before us have made huge strides to get us here. And now we sit on our faux equity for a quiet life- quiet, because it is half lived, and barely loved.

Babe- you DESERVE to feel good. To live the life of your dreams. It’s NOT too much to ask, to be in receipt of peace, joy abundance of all kinds...
If you’re already clear that becoming more audacious will enhance your life, I see you, I welcome you, I applaud you.
If audacity isn’t a word you identify with, or a trait you find aspirational, I welcome you too, and I’m so pumped that something has brought you here.

Babes, I’m gonna change your mind

Because. Guess what the opposite of AUDACITY is? TIMIDITY.

Do you prefer that?

You may not desire to become recklessly daring 100% of your time, but I can assure you that even 10% more audacity in your life will nourish you exponentially.

I know it's a lot to even consider embracing it.

WOW, she loves herself! Who does she think she is?

Imagine if they were talking about YOU. How many times do you think you’ve heard this presented as an insult? Maybe you’ve even said it- I’m sure I have. Because nothing shakes the status quo like a woman who has the audacity to LOVE HERSELF. (Don't worry, I'm not gonna ask you to go that far here, this is just the beginners guide, let's not get carried away.)

The audacious woman is liberated.
What exactly might she get up to if she’s free from all the societal BS that tells her to detest her body, quieten her voice, diminish her ideas, deny her joy? TERRIFYING.
For those who benefit most from patriarchy, of course. But for US too

- because if she values herself enough to step out of what a woman “should” be, then she invites us to do the same, and most of us are not ready... are we? (*looks up and raises eyebrows hopefully*)

Much better to just stay as you are I guess.

Living a portion of your life and ignoring that niggle that suggests;

- I'm meant for more than this! A life that's fuller, easier, more fulfilling, more fun...

STOP. Have you forgotten something?

They will enquire as to whether you think you're the Queen of Sheba!
Best forget that fantasy and crack on with wasting chunks of your opportunity to LIVE. Phew, that was close.

This is the one you've been waiting for. If you've been thinking, "yeah, she makes a good point that it'd probably be ace if I didn't second guess my every move, but HOW am I meant to get there??",
well TA-DA!

This Series plus BONUS Recording:
Emotional Freedom Technique with Gemma Bennett  is laying out my Four Essential Shifts to live a more audacious life.

Last time I ran it…
“Thanks Keri, really loved the course today. So much to think about and journal. I’ve not stopped telling my family all about it.  I think everyone should do this course, it’s eye opening. I’m definitely going to be more Audacious from now on.”
“Just wanted to say a big thank you for this. It was jam-packed and I really enjoyed it.  Lots to think about!”
Need a little taste of what's to come? Watch this 15 min IGTV on women and pleasure, and why we deny ourselves over and over, and make the decision to opt out of it.
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting in this SERIES- the four essential shifts to become more of who you really are...
  • How to Acknowledge and Ask for What You Want (no more "I'm easy", unless you really are)
  • How to access the power of Appearance Ambivalence (no more staying quiet & small because you're having a 'bad' skin/ hair/ outfit day)
  • How to become Available for Abundance (no more martyring yourself as if it's your life's purpose to be as pleasure-less as possible)
  • ​BONUS RECORDING: Emotional Freedom Technique with Gemma Bennett

    OMGeeeeee I’ve found this to be such an effective therapy.
    Let me introduce you to Gemma Bennett, my own wellbeing therapist.
    She is taking us through tapping that facilitates our audacity, supporting us to take the edge off the WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS feels. I always get incredible feedback from my 1:1 clients when I send them for sessions with Gemma, this is a real treat. Just over 20 mins, that you can revisit and replay over and over and over again. ENJOY.

If you've read this far, there's a part of you that wants more. You're probably thinking, 'it would be really selfish & self indulgent to invest in myself in this way'. 
Babe, if you've learnt nothing from Audacity is the Answer: Post 2020 Edition, walk away now, and I'll send you love and see you in another life. 
Quick recap- your AUDACITY is your gift to the world. Denying yourself is actually the selfish move in the long term. The potential for you to slip into resentment is circling right now- are you going that way, or are you coming with me?

Meet Keri...

Keri is The Audacity Coach. She's leading a reclamation of "Who Does She Think She Is?!", inspiring and supporting women to locate, and activate their personal autonomy, and access the benefits of their alliance with one another.

She's the Founder of Do It Like A Mother, a business she sold in early 2020.

Since 2018, more than 100 women have completed her Thrive Like A Mother programme.

She's a Speaker, Retreat Host, & Book Addict. Vegan but not preachy about it. Socialist. Feminist. Mother. Swearer. Think those are the key details nailed tbh. 

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